Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swines and Ripples

Somebody said to me the other day, ".........yeah, and what about that swine flu?" It surprised me I suppose. I've caught sight of a couple of headlines when I log onto my uk hotmail account something flashes up on the home page. But that's about it. It surprsied me that it was a real concern for her.

I chose a few years ago to stop reading newspapers, and watching or listening to the news. All a load of bollocks and doesn't help anybody accept feed into the mass hysteria of something that may or may not be happening in any part of the world.

I walked into a room that had a radio on about a year ago and the news was on. I'm absolutely positive it was the same news bulletin I'd heard 3 years before - verbatim.

Same with a newspaper that was sitting on a table at the Gym. Same thing.

It was an odd thing to do at first - not involve myself with world news - worry about stuff far away. It felt like I was unplugging myself and I even felt a little irresponsible at times. Was it ok for me to create my own world?

You see the more I found out about the true nature of 'us' and how energy worked, all of a sudden new stuff started to become really important. Like where I was focusing my attention. Like what happens when you get a bunch of people together and focus on peace and love and compassion and happiness. Those ripples go out. They do have an effect. Studies have shown that. Crime rates dropping in those areas at those specific times. Man, that's amazing. I'm gonna listen to that stuff! I chose to believe that stuff. And my world is better for it.

In a sense then I felt an increased sense of responsibility. I felt more connected than ever to every single person on the planet and the need for me to keep vibrating at a high level became more imperative. If I'm happy and content and peaceful and compassionate with myself then those ripples go out too.

This guy called Tony Minnervino gave a talk at the Full Moon Party at Prana (great place) and he said that the lowest level of vibration that life can be sustained is the level of excitement. Took me the whole talk to actually get what that meant. So if I was anything other than excited in my life my body was decaying, my spirit was decaying. I was dying. Now I know that we're all dying - but you get what I mean - you are accelerating that process in a not very nice way. You are creating dis-ease within the body.

I was exhausted just thinking about it. Of course that poses loads of questions too but I can't be arsed to write or think about those right now cos I've got to get Poppy up to take her to the doctor and Jaz up to get his drum kit. Then back here for a rehearsal with the band 'so far'.

Man, the sutff that goes through my brain with that early morning coffee.

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  1. how very exciting to see a blog from yours truely, i'd often wondered what you did at 5am when i'm just getting back!
    It's great to hear the fluent Sarah communicating with the world, the universe and brain.